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I believe that the stories in Once Upon A Wish will affect people in different and endless ways. Whether you’ve faced medical hardships and the stories hit close to home, or you’ve never been sick a day in your life, it’s not the journeys each and every one of us can relate to in this book – it’s the destinations. We have all faced challenges in life, and if you were moved in any way after reading Once Upon A Wish, I would love to hear about it – and so would the rest of the world. I invite you to share your experience here – you never know whose life your story might touch.

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Ann says March 5, 2013,1:49 pm

Hi Rachelle,

It has been a long time since we talked, but I owe you a million thanks. I am not sure if you are aware that my husband Arnt has been through 4 ½ years of surgeries, cancer, shingles, etc. etc. etc. It has been a very long and difficult process for both of us, and as for myself extremely difficult at times. After reading your book it helped change me a lot for the better. I have always said that God has gotten me through all of this and helped my in ways that are unimaginable, and given me the strength to do things I thought I would never be able to do. But, again after reading your book it has given me a totally different perspective on life and has helped me feel much, much better. Arnt ended up in ICU again last night with dangerously how hemoglobin, and kidney failure, they gave him 4 units of blood and he is responding – thanks to you I had the added strength I needed to get through this new agony. May God Bless you for your kindness to me and I imagine hundreds of other people who will be lucky enough to read your book and end up with the courage to continue through rough times.



cynthia says March 31, 2013,7:19 am

Hello Rachel,

I was listening to 103.7 this morning on my way to work and I heard Michelle on the radio speaking on your Once Upon a Wish Book and I was literally in tears. It’s amazing how God speaks to you through people and it just brought me back to our amazing journey we’ve had with our son Smiley Ricky. He was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia on 08/27/2011 that day was THE MOST HORRIFIC DAY OF OUR LIVES! You just feel like the world has collasped on top of you and there’s no way out…..fortunately after a year of treatment and pain and suffering my lil Ricky is going on a year of survival after his OWN Cord Blood Transplant! May 31st I can say is his new birthday :) We have had such an amazing journey both good and bad and I would love to speak to you on it personally. I’m inspired to share our story and help others in ANY way possible and would love to join the Make a Wish foundation in volunterring my time because they have truely been a special part of my son’s journey and I know it’s now our time to give back! Thank you for writing this inspirational book and being so understanding on how difficult it is to truely walk in someone else’s shoes. May God bless you in your writing career and I hope millions get to read your book! Sincerely, Cynthia Martinez

rknarr says September 6, 2013,3:24 pm

Dear Rachelle
Just got done reading your book and cried the whole way through. In one story about Tatum my family could relate to some of her experiences at Give Kids The World Village. My son is also a Make A Wish child, he had his first open heart surgery at the age of three. For one week we could leave the cold PA. weather and forget about Trevor’s health problems. He loved every minute of Disney,Legoland and Universal. We will always hold those memories and pictures forever in our hearts. In June 2013 we learned the heartwrenching news of our son at the young age of seven would have to endure another open heart surgery. We take it one day at a time and let our son be all boy. whether it is camping, fishing or swimming in the pool. You never know when the other shoe will fall. Just wanted to let you know Trevor participates in a Make A Wish Truck Convoy and that is where we met Frank Shankwitz a great and loving man. Trevor’s dad is also a police officer so they talked about being a cop. Make A Wish is Trevor’s family.
Rena Knarr

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