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Rachelle Sparks was an award-winning journalist for a daily newspaper in Prescott, Arizona, where she wrote stories about the unforgettable “wish” families who became her inspiration for writing Once Upon A Wish. While venturing around the country to interview and capture the stories of the families featured in this book, she worked  as a freelance writer for numerous publications, including Arizona Highways Magazine and the Phoenix and San Francisco editions of 944 Magazine. She lives with her husband, Bobby, and their two sons, Andrew and Evan, in San Diego. This is her first book.

Reader Comments

Karen Richards says October 3, 2012,6:47 pm

Love you Rachelle, can’t wait to read the finished product!

SaraMR says October 4, 2012,5:19 am

I love the site and can’t wait for my copy of the book! Congrats, Rachelle!

Patricia Twamley says December 1, 2012,1:39 pm

this beautiful young lady is my Grand Daughter , it might seem of course I am partial which I would understand, but Rachelle has written this book with all the passion and Love for the children she interviewed for this book. I was privileged to have read several of the stories before it went to print and I have to say Im not much of a reader but these interviews she has done of these children are so well done you feel like you know each and ebery one of the children , I could not stop reading the stories.
She has the heart and love of an Angel I believe you will feel it when you read her words.

Her Grandma

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Once Upon A Wish is a celebration of hope, revealing how wishes come true can become ultimate motivators and cherished gifts that will last a lifetime.