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Woven through the lives of eight families featured in Once Upon A Wish is a common thread – a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation – and in this book, their stories unite and become an inspiring testimonial to the resilience and strength of the human spirit.  These families generously invite us into their worlds through these stories, allowing us to become part of their darkest moments, their unimaginable realities, their greatest hopes, deepest fears, and unbelievable triumphs.

Experience the story of a little girl becoming a medical marvel after defying all odds stacked against her; a wheelchair-bound boy giving the gift of mobility to ten disabled Cambodian men and women; a little boy experiencing Paris, France from 5,000 miles away; a young girl meeting her musical icon after his music set her free. Root for the girl whose life-long goal is to raise $3 million for St. Jude’s Hospital and the family that collects millions of pennies each year to help others fight the disease they once fought.

Become forever-changed, deeply moved, and truly inspired by the generosity, hope, courage, and optimism of these children and their families and experience how the power of two words, “I Wish,” can change lives. But not just any lives – the lives of the most selfless, deserving families in the world. Families who have stared death in the face, battled emotional war, and emerged with perspective that will undoubtedly inspire those who join them on their journeys in Once Upon A Wish.

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Once Upon A Wish is a celebration of hope, revealing how wishes come true can become ultimate motivators and cherished gifts that will last a lifetime.