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Isn’t Life Beautiful?

“As the day begins, I pause and remind myself that what I have today can be taken away tomorrow.”

This quote came from Alex Blackwell, creator of, a beautiful and thought-provoking website that provides peace, motivation, and inspiration through …

Nonfiction Misconception #1 – It’s boring

Misconception #1: Nonfiction is Boring

I’ll admit it: I had a hard time even putting those words together. Nonfiction, boring?? As most writers know, our fingertips can sometimes get ahead of us – typing words on screens that surprise us, …

Social Media vs. Socializing

For me, “Social Media” may as well be called “Social Mayhem.” I find that my mind is often in an all-consuming frenzy, constantly trying to think of new and creative ways to promote my book, reach out to others, make …

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