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Book Signing Revelation

I drove to L.A. last weekend for a book signing in Manhattan Beach, and after my nerves settled (this was my first book signing solo) down, I really started to enjoy it. I wish I had one of those outgoing …

Introducing the Madonia Family – Mission: Food for Families


Mission: Food for Families – Case 1: The Madonia Family

 wish trip1andrew picandrew with quade


I (virtually) met the Madonia family through an old high school friend, who posted on my FB page that Andrew Madonia and his family were on a cruise to the …

Mission: Food for Families

Inspired by Mission: Unbeatable Mom (, a project my friend and I collaborated on to give a friend (who has an ill child) a day out – all to herself – came the idea to start Mission: Food …

Christmas on the Corner

christmas on the corner

Christmas on the Corner

A few weeks ago, my oldest son, Andrew, was perched on top of our couch, which is positioned near the window in the front room of our house.

“What are those kids doing, mommy?” he asked.…

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