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Curiosity did not kill me – it turned me into a published author

Curiosity did not kill this cat. In fact, it got me to where I am today – a published author.

I’ll explain.

About 12 years ago, I was visiting my grandparents in their very small, Oregon town. It was summertime …

5-year old saves father’s life

Videos are constantly floating around Facebook, and while I pass most of them up, this one caught my eye (and the eye of more than 5 million others!).

<a href=”http://” title=”911 Call Save Father’s Life “>

The headline alone struck …

#24 – Head in the Clouds

Since I am not feeling well today and I can tell that I have the start of a head cold (my kids and hubby have all had it, so I guess it was inevitable, right?), I’m going to make this …

#25 – Thankful for Laughter

On this second day of December (I wish I had thought of this yesterday, simply for the fact that it’s always nice to start something new on the first of a month rather than on the second), I have set …

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