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Cotton Candy and Cures




If you just Google “wish children” or “inspiration Make-A-Wish stories,” it’s overwhelming how many pages there are. Thousands. I look through them from time to time, and I came across one about a little girl struggling with diabetes …

Fan Mail

I received a letter the other day, and I was so touched that I had to write about it. First, let me just say that this letter was from a little girl in 4th grade who lives in Minnesota. …

Make-A-Wish & Misconceptions

Make-A-Wish & Misconceptions

We recently had the inside of our house painted, and I got to talking with the painter one afternoon.  I was working at my desk, and he was about to start painting the adjoining wall when he …

People Helping People

I walked through the “Pink Light District” in Scottsdale last weekend and had to write about how in awe I was with the way the country comes together every October to support finding a cure for breast cancer. Downtown Scottsdale …

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